Any idea what the hell this is? Me 
either, but thanks anyway to inspyre for making it. bpython



A few people asked for stuff like syntax highlighting and autocomplete for the Python interactive interpreter. IPython seems to offer this (plus you can get readline behaviour in the vanilla interpreter) but I tried IPython a couple of times. Perhaps I didn't really get it, but I get the feeling that the ideas behind IPython are pretty different to bpython. I didn't want to create a whole development environment; I simply wanted to provide a couple of neat features that already exist and turn them into something a little more interactive.

The idea is to provide the user with all the features in-line, much like modern IDEs, but in a simple, lightweight package that can be run in a terminal window, so curses seemed like the best choice. Sorry if you use Windows.

bpython doesn't attempt to create anything new or groundbreaking, it simply brings together a few neat ideas and focuses on practicality and usefulness. For this reason, the "Rewind" function should be taken with a pinch of salt, but personally I have found it to be very useful. I use bpython now whenever I would normally use the vanilla interpreter, e.g. for testing out solutions to people's problems on IRC, quickly testing a method of doing something without creating a temporary file, etc..

I hope you find it useful and please feel free to submit any bugs/patches (yeah right)/suggestions to the mailing list. Money is also accepted.



See the sample.ini file for a list of available options. You should save your ini file as ~/.bpython/config or specify at the command line:

bpython --config=/path/to/a/bpython/config/file


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