Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at this page.

Historically this page contained a bit of text asking people to send me some donations to show me how much they appreciate the hard work that has been put into bpython.

Having discussed with the bpython team, we decided that (for various reasons, not least of all because I haven't written any bpython code in years ...) it would make a lot more sense to encourage people to give their hard-earned cash to a worthwhile cause.

These days I can afford to buy my own coffee so, instead of buying one for me, please think of somebody who might really need that money and send it their way instead.

If you can't think of anybody who might benefit from a bit of extra cash, I would like to recommend the Perseid School <> (donation page here <>).

I would also encourage the bpython team to add any other charities that they would like to raise awareness for.

Bob Farrell <bob at bpython-interpreter dot org>